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West Sumatra Housing Reconstruction Project

In West Sumatra, Quake Fund is working with local NGO PADMA (Pelayanan Advokasi untuk Keadilan dan Perdamaian Indonesia / Advocacy Services for Justice and Reconciliation) to provide seventy families with secure and durable temporary shelters. This particular project has been chosen due to PADMA’s unique method of implementation that strengthens local community. PADMA supports each family on a case-by-case basis finding exactly what they need in terms of materials and/or labour. PADMA also works to ensure that all participants achieve a safe secure shelter that meets or exceeds local and international standards, whilst utilizing as much recycled and locally procurable material as possible. PADMA works directly with the affected community, family by family, discussing their shelter needs and using this as an opportunity to discuss long term plans for more disaster resistant, sustainable construction.


On the 30th September 2009, a few weeks after tragedy struck West Java, an earthquake struck in West Sumatra. For over one month after the earthquake, there were few organisations in the region of Pagang Pariaman that were providing temporary shelters. Quake Fund was alarmed to receive these reports. Acting upon the recommendations of several individuals in key disaster response positions, Quake Fund soon began preparations for a temporary shelter project with PADMA as its local NGO partner.

PADMA Indonesia is a nation-wide NGO which was established in 2002 and covers a wide range of issues within Indonesia. It has taken part in both post-disaster and pre-disaster measures for the Aceh tsunami, the Nias earthquake, the Jogyakarta earthquake, the Jakarta flood, the Morowali-Sulawesi landslide, the West Timor flood and drought, the Talaud-Sulawesi earthquake and the Palu-Sulawesi earthquake. Furthermore, PADMA (Pelayanan Advokasi untuk Keadilan dan Perdamaian Indonesia/ Advocacy Services for Justice and Reconciliation) is an organization that provides advocacy services for conflict and disaster victims based on compassion and anti violent approach. Due to its involvement in both post-disaster and pre-disaster work, PADMA is experienced in many Disaster Risk Reduction activities.

PADMA also shares Quake Fund’s focus on combining temporary shelter construction with other self-recovery mechanisms, for instance training in more sustainable design. For instance, where possible the project has utilised recycled materials that could be salvaged from damaged houses. Because of its effectiveness, low overheads, use of sustainable design and focus on community consultation, this project has rapidly became a model of temporary shelter followed by other major organisations. This project has also provided a great opportunity to provide education to the local community about earthquake-proof housing. It has also provided a chance to share other forms of knowledge, such as the dangers involved in certain building materials like asbestos.

The design for the temporary shelters was based upon the amount of materials that could be re-used from pre-existing structures, the family’s individual requests and needs, taking the size of each family into consideration. This meant that the total budget for each house was different. Overall the construction costs were low, but Quake Fund ensured that they were of the best possible quality for their purpose and followed the international guidelines on shelter clusters.

Quakefund Assistance

About 150 houses in Village Ganting, Nagari Sungai Asam, in sub-district Enam Lingkung in the district Padang Pariaman, were heavily damaged. This number included 75 houses that were totally destroyed, and 40 houses that were heavily ruined. Quake Fund’s initial focus has been to build temporary shelter for the 40 families whose houses were heavily ruined since no temporary shelter has been constructed for them to date. Quake Fund is also working to improve the quality of a further 30 temporary shelters which were previously constructed.

Together with PADMA, Quake Fund started the temporary shelter project on the 26th November 2009. The first step was to construct one temporary shelter as a demonstration and trial. The initial construction resulted in great cooperation and work between locally trained community members, PADMA staff and the damaged house owner.

One example of Quake Fund and PADMA’s work was the temporary shelter constructed for Ibu Rapiah. By carefully sorting and cleaning out materials from her damaged house, our local partner in the field built Ibu Rapiah a temporary shelter using 86% recycled material with the 14% remained supplied by Quake Fund. This temporary shelter only cost IDR 522,000 with the use of recycled materials saving an estimated IDR 3,275,000.

Project Outcomes

To date, Quake Fund and PADMA have completed 32 shelters for 32 families. At this moment our local partner continues to work in the field to salvage used building materials and to provide safe, culturally appropriate, more sustainable and affordable temporary housing solutions.

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  1. dave says:

    Would love a translation of the poster above below it :)

  2. seolinkvine says:

    There have been quite a few earthquakes in Cali as of recent. I know that they say that this is typical and normal behavior, although honestly it just isn’t. We should be honest with ourselves, when have we felt this many eartquakes in a row? Sure there have been not not as regular or as big as the ones we have experiences. I’m not beginning to question just what exactly has caused this many earthquakes as of recent? What do you think?

  3. admin says:

    To Seolinkvine: To be honest we are not tectonic expert nor familiar with that particular zone, but generally outside volcanic quakes, small quakes, tend to be a good thing as they mean tectonic plates are comfortably sliding past each other rather than being stuck. In general the mega quakes that do the bulk of the damage are in areas where: a) pressure has built up over a prolonged period and there is a sudden release, b) where construction methods are poor.
    Disaster are only disaster if we are not prepares for them.Other wise they are just an interesting of severe nature phenomenon.

    To Wayne: Thank you very much, we will keep up our work.Thanks to Quake Fund donors for the generosity.

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