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Supports the Anti Asbestos Awareness Campaign

Asbestos is a mineral consisting of calcium magnesium silicate in the form of fiber. Elements in it are such as silica or sand. Asbestos when heated will be like glass. This material has high strength and resistance to fire and chemical substances but cannot be decomposed by nature.

Brochures were given to all attendees

Asbestos fibers or dust is harmful to health because it contains magnesium silicate hydroxide which is carcinogens (cause cancer). If inhaled, it will settle in the lungs and cause various diseases. health problems or illnesses which arise determined by the dose of asbestos fibers that enter the body, ranging from symptoms of respiratory tract infection, to chronic disease that can cause death as lung cancer, asbestosis, fibrosis, and Mesothelioma. Rules of the WHO and the ILO have already explained that all asbestos are dangerous, the average in the world for 149 tons of asbestos caused one death.

Although it is banned in countries around the world, many material building shops in Indonesia still sell and many people still able to buy and use it. Indonesia became the no. 4 in the world who imported asbestos. Materials containing asbestos are many and easily found all around us, including the roof of the building products, cement pipes with asbestos coating materials, asbestos cement sheeting, canvas clutch / brake, and other equipment. Many people still buy and use asbestos for roofing, as it cost very cheap, easy to apply and install, and also because people have low awareness of the dangerous of asbestos.

By reasons it’s dangerous and the number of asbestos usage in Indonesia, QuakeFund supports INA-BAN (Indonesia Ban Asbestos Network) and ADAO (Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization) for its campaign in Asbestos Health Awareness.

On Sunday 21st December 2014, a group of students on a community development program from Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, held an asbestos health awareness campaign at their community health day event at Sendangrejo Village, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Sam Anthonysz and Paul Palmer, development students from Australia, organized the campaign. In this village asbestos cement sheeting was a commonly used building material, found in the construction of most houses, shops and village halls. Nevertheless the villagers have no knowledge about the fatal health consequences of working with and using asbestos cement sheeting.

Dave Hodgkin from QuakeFund gave presentation about the dangers of asbestos

At this one day event campaign, Program Coordinator from the Indonesian Ban Asbestos Network (Ina-Ban), Dimu Pratama, agreed to present the event. Dave Hodgkin, Rubby Emir, and Natalia Christina from QuakeFund also gave presentation about the dangers of asbestos and the best way to avoid it. In addition, medical students from the nearby Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta were also invited to raising awareness among future Indonesian medical practitioners. Before the event, many large eye-catching awareness banners already printed, which were posted throughout the region to raise awareness and promote the event. Also on the day of the seminar event, informative asbestos awareness posters were placed strategically in the presentation room and brochures, containing information on asbestos related diseases, were given to all attendees.

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