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Musholla Al-Hasan Reconstruction Project

Restoring a centre of community life

Quakefund has provided funds to help the Tembi community rebuild their village mosque after the original was destroyed in the 2006 Jogyakarta earthquake. The village mosque held great social, cultural and spiritual importance for Tembi residents, so its final reconstruction was a viewed as a significant achievement and helped to lift morale in the disaster-affected village.


The Musholla Al-Hasan mosque was a place at the heart of community life and ritual celebration in the Tembi village. The mosque held up to fifty people and was used for daily communal prayers, religious ceremonies as well as informal community meetings. But when in May 2006 an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale struck Jogyakarta, the Musholla Al-Hasan was entirely destroyed. In the following weeks community members worked together to rebuild the mosque using locally sourced bamboo materials. This structure remained in use for several months. However, given the religious, symbolic and practical importance of the village mosque to the local community, the bamboo hut was clearly inadequate.

The Jakarta based Al-Alhar foundation made a contribution of 7,000,000 rupiah which allowed the community to begin reconstruction of the mosque. Its foundation and steel frames were erected. Other small donations came from individual donators to buy additional building materials such as sand and stone. Unfortunately the construction was stalled for several months when these limited funds dried up, leaving the community once again without a village mosque.

Quakefund Assistance

The situation was brought to the attention of Quakefund which in April 2007 contributed an additional 10,000,000 rupiah to finish the construction. Using these funds, the walls, windows, roof and small tower were finally erected and the inside of the mosque was tiled.

Project Outcomes

The Musholla Al-Hasan mosque was completed just in time for the important Idul Fitri religious holiday, when the small mosque once again provided a focal point to enrich village life, religious faith and community celebration.

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