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Jakarta Floods: Helping Merapi Villagers Helping Jakarta Flood Victims

In January 2013, Indonesian Capital City, Jakarta, had been suffered with massive floods. The flooding began on Tuesday, 15 January 2013, in some parts of the city as a result of heavy rains and waterways clogged with garbage and other kinds of debris. The floods killed at least 20 people and sent at least 33,502 fleeing their houses as reported by the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) (The Jakarta Globe, January 22, 2013). More than 18,000 people displaced, many people spent nights in remaining spots that still unreached by the floods; bus stops, train stations, before government lend a hand. A day after the flood began, some issues raised up from victims which evacuated in many camps. They needed basic logistic supplies as food, clothes and blankets.

Feel concerned by this situation and based on a massive sense of solidarity, villagers from Merapi area (Sidorejo and Balerante villages) were moved to submit and distribute nine main ingredients including rice, eggs, and vegetables that were gathered from their farm/gardens (both collective farm and villagers private gardens) for the flood victims.  This initiative to support the flood victims in Jakarta by Merapi Village is a form their gratitude to Jakarta residents which helped them while they were affected by Merapi eruption in 2010. Now that the villagers in Merapi able to rise up from the devastation, and now once again stand on their own feed, they would like to give the same support back to Jakarta people.

This movement by Merapi villagers began on the 19th of January, involved 3 villages which were Balerante, Sidorejo and Tegalmulya. Once the food supply submitted, Merapi villagers planned to distribute it on the 24th of January. In the process of food submission, villagers also manage to gather some fund from families to buy blankets and open the opportunity to every person in the villages to donate decent clothes for the evacuees. During the whole period of submission, the villagers successfully gathered 2 trucks of logistics including vegetables, rice, eggs, blankets and clothes.

As the villagers only have limited fund as they gathered from families and small village organisations, they only able to fund one truck and QuakeFund facilitated by Dejarup came to help them to fund the second truck. The total cost that funded by QuakeFund was 4,000,000 IDR (four million rupiah, around 380 USD) which covered petrol cost from Merapi to Jakarta.

The trucks were departed from Merapi area on the 25th of January 2013 and arrived in Dejarup camp which located in Cawang Baru, East Jakarta, on the next day. The logistics distributed to 3 big refugee camps : Bidaracina Village, RW 07 East Jakarta, TPI Muara Baru Camp in North Jakarta, and  South Kedoya Camp in North Jakarta.

Photo courtesy: ANTARA NEWS

The food logistic supplies processed straight away in the refugee camp public kitchens in these three areas to feed hundreds of families and other that were kept in stock had been used to feed the evacuees in the gotong royong activities (communal work) that they planed to clean up the mud and debris caused by the floods.

QuakeFund and Dejarup would like to thank FPBI (Forum Peduli Bencana Indonesia; Indonesia Disaster Care Forum) as they were happily collaborate with us to distribute this logistics support around North Jakarta.

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