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Flooding from Cyclone Cempaka: Yogyakarta, Wonogiri, Pacitan and Ponorogo

Donations welcome, please contact us at: donations@quake-fund.org

On Tuesday November 28th, 2017, Cyclone Cempaka impacted areas along the coast of Southern Java. Cempaka hit the Special Region of Yogyakarta, both the city and more rural areas, as well as communities outside of Yogya’s borders. Roads flooded, bridges collapsed, and personal belongings and interiors of entire homes were damaged and swept away as over a meter of water washed through.

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Donations requested

QuakeFund is currently looking for donations to support those who have been affected by Cyclone Cempaka and the ensuing floods. With the money donated, QuakeFund will focus on the people who on the brink of crisis. The large scale flooding, landslides and falling trees has had a significant impact on people’s lives, with significant infrastructural damage alongside the more personal losses of livelihoods and possessions. QuakeFund will provide support to people in need; bridging the gap between individuals and families wanting to help, and the disaster affected families and local grassroots organisations that assist them, in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction.

Please support those affected by the floods and help them reconstruct their lives. If you wish to donate or have questions, please contact us at: donations@quake-fund.org

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