• Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Donations for Families in Need

Alongside reconstruction projects in Cianjur, Quakefund is also providing much needed assistance to earthquake affected families by facilitating the delivery of donated items including clothing and blankets.


‘I’m an Angel’ is a family design team who came together to create unique, useful and beautiful items for babies and toddlers. Out of concern for families in earthquake-affected regions, they decided to collaborate with families and friends in Bali to fundraise and collect donations for West Javanese families. Quake Fund has contributed to this cause by providing direct delivery of donated items to families in West Java.

Quakefund Assistance

Quake Fund has facilitated the delivery of hundreds of donation packages to families in Cianjur. These donations include 22 tarpaulins, 14 roles of raffia, recycled clothing for men and women, blankets, towels, hygiene and sanitary items as well as first aid kits and medicines.

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