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Community Farming and Waste Management in Tembi Village

In August 2015, few families and friends in Australia donated some funds through QuakeFund. The total donation was around 8 million Rupiah.

This fund allocated into few activities that are currently running under two projects which are community farming and  waste management in Tembi village. These projects run and managed under Green Tembi community. The plan of doing few activities based on farming and waste management has been discussed since two years ago by some of the leaders of the young people in this community, and finally they initiated the activities in early 2015.  Meetings have been organise regularly to consolidate women from two sub districts about the farming and waste management plan activities.

Currently, the activities run by the women and households in two sub districts of Tembi village are below :

Run a nursery

Women regularly watering and planting the seeds/plants in polybags. The plants also had been planted in some of empty yards belongs to few house holds; and each house holds are responsible to take care of the plants in their own yard.​

Plants at the nursery

Plants at the nursery

Learning from Other Community about Waste Management

Tembi villagers did visitation to Sukunan village few times and the women got trained by Sukunan team. Sukunan is a village in Sleman district which has been running waste management project and they have been successfully maintain their consistency and most of the villagers make a living from this project they run. The women from Tembi learned how to make note books from kain perca (leftover fabrics) from Sukunan women who came to Tembi and run a workshop. This training they’ve done seem to be sucessful. Now every few days the women gather around in one workshop and producing notebooks. The notebooks will be distributed to some art shops in some homestays and hotels.

The notebooks amde from recycled material

The notebooks made from recycled material by Tembi women


Waste Separation and Composting

They built a very simple building as the place where they separating the waste and they also dug some holes on the ground to be setup as the compost holes. The plan is that every house will have one compost hole in their back yard.​

The place where villagers separte the waste

The place where villagers separate the waste from house holds in the village


The holes for compost experiment

The holes for compost experiment

Education Center

The Green Tembi community also run an education center for children few days  in a week every afternoon.  They teach the children at TPA (Taman Pendidikan Alquran, Quran Learning Center) to water the plants at the nursery and make toys from recycled material in their play session.

Children at the learning center playing

Children at the learning center playing

Fish Farming

The Green Tembi community also manages fish ponds as a part of the nursery. They’ve been growing cat fish and gourame and sell the fishes to restaurants and small warung business owners.

Cat fish and Gourami fish pond

Cat fish and Gourami fish pond

Cycling Tour for Tourists

Some of the young people from Green Tembi running a small business in tourism. They provide tour packages with English speaking tour guides from the village for tourists which is Village Cycling Throughout Villages and Cycling to Imogiri King’s Graveyard. This cycling business is the one that’s been giving constant income and keep all the other activities going. The tourists that are joining the tour usually stay at the homestay or hotel nearby.

The homestay guests before cycling

The homestay guests before cycling to Imogiri


At the moment the activities only applied to two subdistrict and by running this projects consistently, the young people of Green Tembi and the community leaders hope to be able to spread the projects into other sub districts bits by bits.

The Green Tembi young people and the community leaders are very thankful of the donations made families and friends of QuakeFund. This donation allow them to continue the activities in Tembi village. We hope we could continue helping them making their dreams of becoming an environmental friendly village come true.

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