• Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Buletin Sandereh

Quake Fund in cooperation with the KOALISI LUMBUNG DERMA and Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Padang branch (AJI Padang West Sumatra) have regularly published a monthly bulletin since early of 2010. This bulletin is called SANDEREH which came from the local West Sumateran language meaning ‘orderly, neat, well, as good as expected’.


This bulletin is intended as an effort to inform the wider public about activities undertaken by NGOs, governments, and private parties during the process of post-earthquake rehabilitation and reconstruction after the earthquake that hit West Sumatra in 2009. It gives reports of activities or achievements of local institutions, national and international /UN Agency / SKPD (Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah, Regional Work Unit).

This media also informs of public complaints regarding problems faced in the field during the reconstruction process which are reported directly from the source (the disaster affected community themselves). This includes investigation on cases or related reports written in a transparent manner to the public readers and whoever involved in the process of disaster recovery phase.
The publishing of this newsletter has given many positive impacts in providing post-earthquake recovery process improvements for the stake holders, the people of Padang and the community in other areas in West Sumatra that was also hit by the 2009 earthquake disaster. This Bulletin also helps the creation of better communication between communities, government and NGOs involved in the recovery process.

Project Outcomes

Until now the process of recovery after the earthquake in West Sumatra continues on and Quake Fund has inspired other organizations to follow and provide support for the continued publication of this bulletin in order to encourage the transparent process of rehabilitation and reconstruction activities, and, also to maintain good communication and relationship amongst disaster-affected communities, the government bodies, and other agencies involved.

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