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Banaran River Dam Reconstruction

As a result of the eruption of the Merapi volcano in October/November 2010, 4 villages on the uppermost west side of the volcano foot have been affected by water supply shortages in terms of field irrigation as well as drinking water. The main sources of water before the eruption were badly affected by the lahar dingin floods of rocks, mud and volcanic material from above. The river Senowo was the main supply of irrigation water but the dams built by the government have been destroyed by the floods. Sources of drinking water supplies also disappeared under the rubble and widened riverbanks. Some sources have been recovered but provide minimal supplies for the lower lying villages. A solution that local community leaders have identified is the repair of a broken dam on the smaller Cacaban River which flows in a relatively protected canyon south of the Senowo. The Cacaban stream is fed by an underground spring further up and has not been affected by lahar dingin from volcanic material. The dam which provided enough irrigation and drinking water before had been destroyed by large stones that flushed down the canyon as a result of heavy rains because these had illegally been deposited higher up by sand–digging groups in the past. According to the villagers and based on geographical facts, this canyon will not be a runoff alley for volcanic material in subsequent rains in the future and thus it is relatively safe and necessary to rebuild the dam there. The new dam will provide important amounts of irrigation and drinking water for 4 surrounding communities below, if we count the secondary drainage impact. With this project a funding was needed for the materials (cement and steel bars) for the re-construction of this small dam.

the former destroyed dam

The local community of Banaran and Keningar rebuild the Cacaban River dam above the village of Banaran. The dam was rebuilt in local volcanic stones and cement, and a steel lift outflow gate on the side to channel the water into the head of an irrigation canal which flows to the fields and the villages through a complex system of canals and water pipes (already existed). The repairing of the existing dam was done with a team of villagers in gotong-royong style. Furthermore they repaired the main irrigation canal and outflow gate between the dam and canal.

Quake Fund has attended the Banaran and Keningar villagers in making a fund to buy 278 cement bags and 10 steel bars. The cement was used to rebuild the actual dam and the steel bars were needed to create a outflow gate to the already existing irrigation canals.

the new rebuilt dam

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