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Bags for School Children at Sokola Rimba

160 SchoolBags packed by the Piers Simon Appeal have been successfully distributed to children who learn at ‘The Jungle School’ located in the Arimba Rainforests in Indonesia.  Shipped to Indonesia last year, the School Bags have been on quite a journey to get from the School in a Bag headquarters in Somerset into the hands of the jungle kids.

Sokola Rimba, is a non profit organisation which runs ‘The Jungle School’ in remote areas in the most dense rainforest in Indonesia including Sokola Kajang, Bangko, Makassar and Wailago.

Sokola, derived from the Orang Rimba pronunciation of the word sekolah, or school in Indonesian, teaches basic education including reading, writing and life skills that are tailored to the requirements of the indigenous rimba communities. Rather than forcing pupils to sit on the tables inside classes as normal schools do, teachers in Sokola Rimba teach the rimba children by joining their pupils traveling around the jungle.

We got this idea to connect Piers Simon Appeal with Butet Manurung Sokola Rimba when we heard about School in a Bag Project which was initiated in early 2009 and learned that Piers Simon Appeal had a great interest to donate stationary, books and bags for school children in Indonesia.

To accommodate the needs of the rimba children and to make them culturally specific, we added sarongs and raincoats to the contents which include stationery, exercise books and a water bottle.  Once the School Bags had been restocked, the final leg of their journey was a 3hr boat trip up river to reach the rimba Community.

Rimba children exploring the bags content

QuakeFund team feel proud and honored  as we were given the opportunity to be part of School in a Bag project with Sokola Rimba, as we were given the chance to help other children from different part of the world to share what they have and their hope to support and encourage other children to achieve full access of education.

Happy children lined up with their new school bags

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