• Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Well and Dike Construction Keji Spring

The population from two villages, Sumber and Diwak (215 households including three public schools) are experiencing a severe lack of clean water for the basic necessities of life. Since the eruption of the Merapi volcano in 2010, many springs along the main Senowo river have dried out and the water debit has been drastically reduced. Sungai Keji offers a sufficient alternative source of clean water but no infrastructure has yet been built to contain and transport the water efficiently to three villages close by. With the potential increase in water supply from the Cacaban river uphill provided by the current construction of the dam there, the opportunity to capitalize on the 2 sources of the Keji spring that will be fed by this water supply is now clear for the local population. They have organized themselves as far as workforce and are ready to invest community resources (sand, stone) to finally build a water distribution system that will meet several needs.

For the construction of a drinking water well and a dike plus pipe network, cement, iron poles, pipes and connecting sockets are needed, in which Quake Fund will attend a funding.  The well and dike will raise the necessary water supply for basic everyday life necessities in 3 villages high on the Merapi slope, such as drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, waste disposal and sanitation. Additionally,water-related needs can be met for the local small rural industries (tempeh factory, warung making/selling snacks) as well as to providing essential water supply for livestock rearing (cattle, goats, chickens, menthok, duck).

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