• Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Implementing Partners

SeTAM (Serikat Tani Merdeka) Association of Freedom Farmers

SeTAM (translated: Association of Freedom Farmers) was established by representatives from 13 regencies across Jogjakarta and Southern Central Java with assistance from Jogjakarta Legal Aid and the Foundation of Cultural Development. More than 400 farmers from the 13 regencies attended the initial meeting to establish SeTAM. The 13 regencies in SeTAM are Bantul, Kulonprogo, Gunungkidul, Sleman, Cilacap, Wonosobo, Kebumen, Magelang, Klaten, Sokoharjo, Wonogiri, Sragen, and Boyolali.

SeTAM was set up to advocate the social, political, economic, cultural and legal equality of farmers. It aims to free farmers from oppression and exploitation and to encourage farmers to work collectively to overcome problems. By working together farmers have greater bargaining power and potential to improve their welfare.
Some of the work done so far to improve the lives of farmers is the establishment of joint ventures, such as organizing a kiosk that accommodate and manufacture the sale of products from the members of SeTAM, organic farming workshop and conflict advocacy.

SeTAM upholds the principles of human rights, gender equality and environmental sustainability.

SeTAM’s mailing address and central office is:

Serikat Tani Merdeka (SeTAM)

Jalan Bantul KM. 1 Dukuh MJ I/1679 A
Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55142
Phone/ Fax. +62 274 384451

Email : setam (at) indo.net.id

Shelter Of Hope (Gerakan Naungan Harapan)- “The movement from community for community”

Shelter of Hope is a community movement which came for the experience of working together with Bantul community and Klaten which were the victims of Jogjakarta and Mid Java earthquake 27 May 2006. Shelter Of Hope community wished to rise hopes and sharing happiness among those whom lose hope and being in difficulties. Shelter Of Hope community organized and accommodate volunteers which having good will to spread hopes and happiness to people whom need it. Shelter Of Hope focusing on any kinds of activity which are emergency and early response after earthquake included distributing logistic food and non food for earthquake victims and House Rebuilding, Child Assistance in terms of post trauma psychological assistance, and other activities for environment and livelihood for the poor.

PADMA Indonesia

PADMA Indonesia was established in 15 January 2002 and registered in Department of Home Affairs of Indonesia as a National NGO. PADMA is an advocacy service organization for injustice victims and emphasized it works on fair conflict resolutions through charity and non violence approaches. Since 2005, PADMA has taken part both in post-disaster and pre-disaster measures in Aceh Tsunami, Nias earthquake, Jakarta Flood, Morowali-Sulawesi landslide, West Timor flood and drought, Talaud-Sulawesi earthquake and Palu Sulawesi DRR:
1) Emergency : food, non-food, shelter and psychosocial
2) Rehabilitation and reconstruction: houses, schools, water supply, livelihood
3) Disaster risk reduction: to facilitate the community to design the community action plan for disaster risk reduction.

DeJarup (Detak Jaringan Rupa)

DeJarup is a nonprofit environmental and cultural community based in Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, and East Java. DeJarup was established in Solo Central Java, 1 September 2006 as an effort to build society concern for environmental issues, through developing and strengthening community awareness of environment and cultural issues. Programs implemented by DeJarup included environmental and cultural management, community workshop and capacity building, research of environmental and local culture, and disaster emergency response.

Muslim Aid Jogjakarta

Muslim Aid Jogjakarta, is the branch of Muslim Aid International, Muslim Aid itself is a UK-based international relief and development agency. Muslim Aid has been working for over two decades to help save and improve the lives of millions in over 70 of the world’s poorest countries. Muslim Aid provides not just emergency relief, but sustainable development programs which tackle the root causes of poverty.
Intrinsic to Muslim Aid mission is empowering and building the capacity of local people in some of the world’s poorest countries. This means that we give individuals the resources and skills necessary to tackle the problems confronting their own communities.

Link: http://www.muslimaid.org/

Yayasan GAIA

Yayasan Gaia is an Indonesian NGO that works on poverty and disaster relief together with a range of international partner organizations. Projects include a house building program, sanitation and provision of clean water, mobile clinics and livelihood recovery. The organization also operates a revolving loan fund. Yayasan GAIA established in 2002, and has been involved in many activities:
Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry, Arts and culture, Children, youth and family welfare, Community development, Education and training, Job creation and enterprise development, Environment and climate change, Food security and nutrition, Information and communications technologies, HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, health and medical, Water and related ecosystems.

Web : http://gaiacorps.blogspot.com/

AJI (Allience of Independent Journalist) Padang Branch

Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) was established as Indonesian press community resistance against the arbitrariness of the New Order regime. It was beginning with the banning of three magazines; Detik, Editor and Tempo, in 21 June 1994. All three magazines were banned because the government considered some articles in the magazines as very dangerous critics to the government which can cause rebels.  This repressive action triggered the action of solidarity as well as resistance from many circles evenly on a number of cities.
During the New Order, AJI listed as a banned organizations by the government. But now, AJI is the largest journalist/news organization in Indonesia which continue their efforts in the commitment to fight for public rights to get the objective and transparent information, as well as continue their advocacy for the freedom of the press.

Web: http://www.ajiindonesia.org/


Lumbung Derma is an organization which based in Sumatra. This organization formed by several parties of solidarity after the earthquake and tsunami that hit Aceh in 2004. This organization includes of several NGO’s, Student Organizations, Community Organizations and individuals.
Lumbung Derma initially involved in emergency response and in 2007 Lumbung Derma expand it’s involvement during the pre-disaster and post disaster.

Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lumbung_derma/