• Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Our work

Quakefund has facilitated a range of innovative grassroots projects in disaster affected regions. These include the reconstruction of temporary and permanent housings and community infrastructures, the introduction of income generating schemes and the provision of access to clean water and sanitation. All Quakefund projects adopt a grassroots approach and are implemented in partnership with local NGOs or directly with the affected communities. Working with local community members and local NGOs, Quakefund has made community consultation, skills sharing and ongoing learning a hallmark of all its projects. By working through local NGOs and communities Quakefund has also been able to maintain extremely low overheads, which have largely been covered out of private funds rather than donor money. Through this system, Quakefund has been able to ensure the greatest effect with the least dollars—direct grassroots assistance from family to family.

While only a small NGO, Quakefund has had a significant impact by focussing on:
· Projects and areas that other agencies cannot or will not fund
· Projects that are innovative
· Projects with low overheads
· Projects that provide a case study for the delivery of better grassroots aid delivery

This page provides a summary of Quakefund projects as well as more detailed information on the stories behind individual projects and their beneficiaries.

Over the five years Quakefund has constructed:
· Hundreds of temporary shelters in the villages of Pacar Kowen and Tembi in Bantul
· Over thirty temporary shelters in Pariaman, West Sumatra
· Over thirty permanent houses for families in Tembi and Kowen
· Over twenty permanent houses for the newly disabled across the Province of Jogjakarta
· Several community meeting halls in Klaten, Yogyakarta and Cianjur, West Java.
· Conjugal spaces for privacy of couples in Sidoarjo, East Java
· Wells for emergency schools in Bangladesh
· An Eco-farming training centre
· Community mosque and meeting hall in Tembi, Yogyakarta

Over the past five years Quakefund has also supplied:
· Permanent water sources to two entire villages in Gunung Kidul
· Sidecars as motor bike ambulances in remote areas of Aceh
· Emergency tarps in southern Jogjakarta city
· Donations of clothing, blankets and essential supplies to families in Cianjur

Over the past five years Quakefund has financed and facilitated:
· Handicraft livelihoods projects in Dlingo
· Cow Banks for Eco-Farming projects in Gunung Kidul and Klaten
· A community managed micro finance scheme in Sanggrahan
· Revolving microfinance projects in Sidoarjo