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Snack and Chicken Farm Project in Deles Sidorejo

Deles village lays at the foot of the volcano mount Merapi, about 5 kilometer from Merapi crater, which erupted in November 2011. After the eruption, this village had difficulties with setting up businesses and earning money.

Snack Project

To increase the economic development of the women in Deles, Quake Fund has funded a project for 12 groups of 4 women to improve their snack business. The women produce chips made of cassava, banana, cassava leaves, potato and also betel leaves. They produce 20 kilos for each kind of chips per day. The snack business project started in the time of the Ramadan (the fasting season), as in this time there was a high priority for people to buy food products for the end of the Ramadan (the celebration of idul fidri). As a result, the groups of women have successfully sold their chips and also had quite a lot of orders until Idul Fitri.

Traditional instrument to slice the cassava/potato

Chicken Farm Project

To attend other families in Deles and to create economic development for the village, Quake Fund funded 20 chicken for 12 families to start a chicken egg farm. The villagers made chicken coops of bamboo as their own contribution to the project and will sell the chicken eggs. The project has a lot of potential for economic progress in a short time span, as the eggs can be sold fairly fast after starting the chicken farm.

chicken coop

Sustainability of these Projects

These projects will be sustainable in the future if the volcano Merapi erupts again , because the interest the groups of women get from selling their snacks and the families from selling the eggs, will be put a side as a saving to commence evacuation of the chicken and all there project assets. Furthermore a part of this interest saving will be used to fund other families or groups of women to start the same business. In this way the project will reach a wider community and all the villagers will get the same opportunities to improve their economic lives.


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