• Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Sanggrahan Fish Farm Project

In 2006,  80% of Sanggrahan village was destroyed because of a devastating earthquake. After the earthquake, the villagers tried to get their lives back on track. While rebuilding their houses, economic welfare retrieve. To create sustainable economic development in Sanggrahan, Quake Fund will attend in helping the men of the village to  set up a fish farm. The villagers have made a pond that lays next to a little dam and river where they will get the water from to fill the fish pond. In the future when the fish farm will be realized, the  men will sell the fish for a cheap price to their own villagers and they will sell the rest of the fish on the market. In this way this project will have high potential for the livelihood of the villagers in Sanggrahan. The knowledge about how to maintain a fish farm will not be a problem as one of the villagers has already taken a course from the government about how to breed fish and furthermore they have contact with another village that already has a fish farm with whom they can transfer knowledge.

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