• Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Upcoming Projects

There are some upcoming projects that QuakeFund plans to do.


  • Implement new project

After QuakeFund officially register as a Lembaga, the next project is paint the roof of the house and the stall which is made from asbestos in Tembi, Bantul. Furthermore, QuakeFund will do poster campaign of the danger of asbestos which will be place in the strategic place of the village. The reason behind these projects is because there are a lot of building in Tembi still use asbestos for their roof because it is easy to find and cheap. After the earthquake in 2006 lots of people got funding for rebuild their house but they use asbestos. Asbestos is still sell in Indonesia, although it is banned in countries around the world. Right now asbestos is banned in more than 60 countries worldwide. Rules of the WHO and the ILO have already explained that all asbestos are dangerous, the average in the world for 149 tons of asbestos caused one death. This year one hundred thousand people will die because of asbestos. Indonesia became the no. 4 in the world who imported asbestos. One of the way to avoid the danger of asbestos is to make sure that it is covered by paint. Because of these reasons QuakeFund is planning do this new project in Tembi.

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